A’ Biddikkia beachwear summer 2016


A’ Biddikkia beachwear summer 2016


A summer in bright, striking colors characterizes beachwear, made in Panarea, A’BIDDIKKIA Spring/Summer 2016, inspired by his own island and to Sicily, where vitamin colors like yellow combines with the turquoise and orange.

Taste of the sea, the carefree holidays and relaxing for a beachwear collection with a distinct femininity, strong character and charm. Bikini clearly inspired by ’50s are revisited in key glamor with triangles and culottes that enhance the forms.¬†Enthusiasm and dynamism to be glamorous on the beach or at sunset, after a hot day, sipping a cool cocktail.

A'-Biddikkia-beachwear-summer-2016-001 A'-Biddikkia-beachwear-summer-2016-002

For the 2016 summer A’BIDDIKKIA bikini remains the top model: the costumes fit shapes with soft laces and ruffles without forcing the body. In costume collection for all physical and age, to each his A’biddikkia: a triangle or bandeau bikini, full and custom clothing.

A'-Biddikkia-beachwear-summer-2016-003 A'-Biddikkia-beachwear-summer-2016-004

The Lemon invades the graphics, which are inspired by the famous ceramics of Caltagirone, in eye-catching, and sometimes unusual, color combinations of white and green, orange and blue. No shortage of proposals bicolor in shades of blue and yellow, in the variant with the stripes in the swimsuit; the block milk white color embellished with blue fringe.

A'-Biddikkia-beachwear-summer-2016-008 A'-Biddikkia-beachwear-summer-2016-005

A'-Biddikkia-beachwear-summer-2016-006 A'-Biddikkia-beachwear-summer-2016-007

A real full immersion in the vitality and radiance of a Sicily that never ceases to amaze and give unpublished stunning scenery. The A’biddikkia brand uses only high-quality materials, and high performance, and a product exclusively made in Italy.

The A’biddikkia collection also includes clothing, beach sandals, jewelery, kaftans, sarongs and fuoriacqua coordinated.

Article & Photo: Antonio Raffaelli

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