Aigner spring-summer 2017


Aigner spring-summer 2017


When you look through a kaleidoscope, you are immediately fascinated by the variety of colours and diverse shapes that arrange themselves in constantly new ways – a new image is created, no matter the perspective. For AIGNER Creative Director Christian Beck, this diversity and multifaceted nature represents various possibilities for individuality. The kaleidoscope pattern is the highlight and starting point for the collection – it continues through out like a red thread and is reflected, sometimes a little more or a little less succinctly, in selected models. The graphic shapes and patterns are depicted in a wide variety of colours, as well as using metal appliqué and in an implied form in fastenings and decorative elements.


The mood of the season takes its inspiration from two important eras: the late 70’s for colors and materials and the 90’s with a wink to Disco Flair and Studio 54 as far as silhouettes are concerned. The result is at the same time surprisingly glam and cool yet incredibly chic and feminine. The colours – bold plum, fresh mauve, sober tan and gentle smoke grey – are broken up with coloured spots such as lime, lapis green, pink and cranberry red and give the collection a real feeling of summer.

vestimentatie-feminina-aigner-2017 trends-aigner-spring-summer-2017

As far as materials are concerned: tulle, jeans, a lot of leather (velour and nappa) is enriched by embroidery details, finished in ornamental border or frills. Dresses with burn out geometrical pattern in velvet devoré, long fluid dresses, sparkling disco pants and sequins on tops are only a few of the collection’s highlights: the range of opportunities provides plenty of scope for variation and everyone can find something to express their personality.

tendinte-aigner-primavara-vara-2017 tendinte-2017-aigner

Accessories have their word to say this season too: very opulent jewelry with Swarovski stones in matching colours invade rings and big hanging and clips earrings. Three different forms of shoes enhance the variety of this collection with flat styles, mules with heels and classic pumps: all have a pointed front either with coloured velvet or cork.
Article&Photo: Andreeea Raffaelli

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