AltaRoma showcase for young designers


AltaRoma showcase for young designers

New location with the PratiBus District

The spotlight on the winter edition of AltaRoma, the capitoline fashion show from 24 to 27 January 2019, is increasingly turning out to become a scouting platform, showcase and incubator of ideas for emerging designers, more than 100 in this edition. New location with the PratiBus District, a space object of a redevelopment of a portion of the former ATAC Victory depot. The couturier Renato Balestra is absent while Gattinoni presents “Upcycling” spring summer 2019 collection in the MACRO Asilo spaces with an experimental project conceived by Giorgio de Fini. Guillermo Mariotto, designer of the Maison, thinks of a Venice, a crossroads of arts and styles, animated by figures like Coco Chanel, Peggy Guggenheim, the Marquise Casati, Elsa Maxwell and Anna Piaggi. These eccentric and unique women are inspired by the collection that mixes creative reuse, urban touches and rigorous couture: mousseline soleil waistcoats, extra-large bomber with heraldic embroidery in dapka taken from the great European families, tulle and many ruches, asymmetrical skirts, dresses in chiffon and satin, bermudas over army green lace doubled in fluorescent organza. On the background of the walkway panels painted by hand by Gina Mariotto, Venezuelan artist and sister of Guillermo.

Giada Curti‘s haute couture back with the Hedone spring – summer 2019 collection on the catwalks.

High fashion is special because it is out of time

explains Giada, each piece is unique thanks to skilled hands that sew and embroider for a collection that smacks of glamor, rustling silk taffeta, lace and inlays. And yet Sabrina Persechino with the Dynamic collection enjoys playing with the “decomposed” rigor of dynamism. The cuts, folds and skins create movements and evolutions that give life to fluidity. Inevitable outerwear and overalls that evening dresses and cocktails. In the four days catwalk for MRZ-Simona Martial, Morfosis, Martina Cella | Surv-Live, Italo Marseglia, Leo Studio Design, Federica Tosi, Frederick China, Edithmarcel | The Activist, Asciari | Antartica, Angelia Ami.

Great success for the Showcase project, which saw the collections of 60 young designers rotating on 4 consecutive days. These include the Rossorame dresses, the fancy jewelery by Vittorio Ceccoli Jewelry, the bags by Hibourama, the romantic bijoux by Studio Barattolo which for the collection is inspired by the “faces of love” with rings, necklaces, bronze bracelets soaked in gold or in ruthenium.

The promotion of youth training is confirmed with the presentation of the final work of the academies as the event of the Altieri Fashion and Art Academy, “Shout To The Pop” which involved all the students on a journey between fashion and music as paths and very deep creative exchanges. Celebratory outfits of pop icons, of the past and present, made with recycled materials in the name of eco-sustainability and creativity. The Koefia Academy brings 33 outfits born from the “personal reinterpretation” of the seventies. It reaches the 16th edition of A.I. Artisanal Intelligence that chooses the table, as a symbol, to bring attention to the act of doing. At the table Andrea Anastasio, Paolo di Landro and Livia Crispolti and the Sorelle Antonini. Fifth appointment of Roman’s Romance, talk focused on the meeting with international fashion personalities, who saw the guest of the conversation Lavinia Biagiotti Cigna, President and CEO of the Biagiotti Group. Always with a view to involving a young audience: Love, Cecil, the screening of a documentary on the life of the photographer, costume designer, director, set designer and British Oscar winner Cecil Beaton.

Article&Photos by The Italian Gentleman

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