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Dangerouge is told

Dangerouge is told

Francesca Zambito – owner and designer of the brand LE DANGEROUGE, talks about her passion, her ideas and her work through a video, lasting 59 seconds, directed by Alex Caroppi.
Here it is back Francesca, intent in her creative work done by craftsmanship, dexterity and raw materials of excellence. The music, created by Gigi Traverso, accompanies the sequence of images to become insistent when the focus shifts to the true protagonist: the „chain„. Symbol and the brand identifying mark The Dangerouge, now known and recognizable by fashion enthusiasts around the world, has won the sympathy of many celebrities like Nina Zilli and Irina Shayk.

The signature chain every creation The Dangerouge and becomes leitmotif, almost obsessively, the second part of the video with the two young actors, Campanino Constant and Caroline Frola, expressing all the energy and positivity of the brand made in Italy.

The stylistic idea of the chain boasts many imitations, but only The Dangerouge is the original.

Article: Andreeea Raffaelli / Photo: print screen from video

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