“Dream and Innovation” Accademia Altieri


“Dream and Innovation” Accademia Altieri


Great success for the “Dream & Innovation” event organized by the Altieri Fashion and Art Academy with the occasion of the 2018 edition of AltaRoma, at the Domus Romana Hotel in via delle Quattro Fontane 113.

Guests “immersed” in a real journey of know-how and of the hand-made through the special exhibition that sees the protagonists 10 wedding dresses, selected for the Bride Futura 2018 competition, and 21 micro evening dresses. Each of the creations has a soul, a perfume, a color, a movement of soul because it is the result of the work of the Accademia Altieri students and of the skills acquired through the training course of studies.

An event that involves students of all grades starting from the 2nd and 3rd year students of the designer course for wedding dresses and evening dresses. Following the students of the 1st year of stylist with the realization of the 3D figures, to move to those of modeling and tailoring for the prototypes in canvas, testimony of the high capacity of realization acquired. Finally, there are the students of the window dressing and visual merchandiser course who take care of the exhibition to enhance all the creative and meticulous work done by the colleagues of the Accademia Altieri.

[fullwidthimage photourl=”https://famost.ro/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Dream-Innovation-Altieri-Fashion-and-Art-Academy.jpg”]


What you admire is not a simple exhibition but an elaborate game of young and frenetic hands that work, collaborate and relate to create romantic and original clothes, refined in the details, designed and made as unique pieces. Dresses that are an expression of creativity and beauty, experimentation and enhancement of Made in Italy.

All this is possible thanks to the skills that the Accademia Altieri manages to provide through its creative and training process in the fashion industry, following a goal that aims at combining art, fashion and culture, without which there could be no famous Italian excellences in Worldwide.

Thanks to Intersystem Group for having provided the sartorial busts of the exhibition.

Article: Andrea | Photo: B. Iorio


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