Interview Faydee new video clip “Away”


Interview Faydee new video clip “Away”

We were present at the filming of Faydee's latest video entitled Away which we succeeded in having a little bit of a dialogue telling us about the story of this song.

We were present at the filming of Faydee‘s latest video entitled “Away,” which we succeeded in having a little bit of a dialogue telling us about the story of this song and a few things about him. Without too many words, we will leave you with him and the beautiful things he has told us.

The passion for music is from a young age, somewhere around the age of 13, starting to make music … What feelings do you try when you look behind? How do you perceive your way of manifestation as an artist then, with what you represent today? When I first started I felt like I could conquer the world, I felt like I could be so successful very quickly, but little did I know that it would be a long journey ahead. I began writing music from my heart and never thought about if radio would play it, I just wanted strangers to listen and love my music. Now, I write my music with the same intention but the only difference is, I have incredible fans who anticipate and appreciate my music.

Did your musical evolution and your success come naturally or did you follow a strategy? It came very natural, I formed my style as I continued on my musical journey , and travelling so much just helped me to grow into where I am today. I’ve never tried to be anyone but myself.

How much does talent matter and how do people you associate with? Do you consider yourself alone in today’s position? Have there or are the people who really helped you and influenced your artistic career? I have had some very successful collaborations, but ultimately I always have to stand on my own with the great support of my team. It’s cool to collaborate with other artists from time to time, but most of the time, there’s too much ego involved and I don’t want to make time for that.

Do you consider that you are naturally talented or have you worked hard? How is your talent and how much work do you have? It’s a 50/50 ratio. Talent is necessary, but if I wasn’t so passionate about what I do and worked my butt off to get through this tough industry to get to where I am, I would be stuck at home singing in the shower.

Your way definitely had some obstacles … what were your professional disappointments, if they existed? When I first started, I was disappointed by how closed minded the big record companies were. Because I’m of Lebanese decent, Australian labels didn’t want to understand my vision but ultimately it got me to where I am today and that’s much bigger than just being known in my home country. I believe every little thing, good or bad happens for a reason to bring you to where you need to be.

What is the greatest satisfaction or the greatest achievement of when you are in this artistic world? Headlining my own concerts and seeing my fans rally together to sing my records with me. That’s my greatest pleasure. As for my achievements, there’s been a few milestones in my life and one of them would be having a song I wrote chart in the hot 100 billboard charts and headlining my own concert in my home town in Sydney, Australia at the Metro Theatre.

Have you ever thought about what you would like to do if you did not sing? I would be running my own restaurant or cafe. I like to be my own boss. Like my father.

What are your passions? What do you like to do in your spare time? I love to go to the gym, I love to read, I love to go to the movies by myself sometimes with nobody else just to be away and feel inspired. I absolutely love getting lost in the city whenever I travel and I have some free time from my shows.

Have you had a lot of interactions with Romania … where did this affinity for us from Australia? Do you like our girls, have you met wonderful people here, especially attract our country? Romania will forever have a special place in my heart because my success internationally began here with “Laugh till you cry” and I forever appreciate my fans for supporting me and continuing to grow with me. The girls are beautiful of course and I’ve formed some great friendships along the way.

Are the Romains talented to music from your point of view? Very talented and very underrated.

Today, we are filming a new video … what is it about and what is its story? What do you want to express through this song and when is the official release of the video? The song is called “Away” and I wrote it this year when it was a period of my life where I lost my grandfather and I also lost my trust in a friend who hurt me very much. I felt stuck and I just wanted someone to take me away, and prove to me there is a better world out there. I needed people to know that we all go through these moments in life that get us to where we are today.

Who else can help with this video? Who do you team with, who do you work with? I work closely with my label Buckleup Entertainment and we collaborated with Cat Music. The video is directed by San. I had explained my vision for the video and he brought it perfectly to life. I can’t wait for the world to hear and see “Away” which is scheduled to be out this November.

What are the greatest satisfactions as an artist? Or, better, what do you like best: celebrity, money, the fact that you like what you do, the fact that you have admirers? For me, it started out to prove to myself and to others that I could be successful doing something I loved, even if it was considered “unrealistic” and now the best part is sharing what I love with my fans who appreciate and see themselves through my music to help them along the way , just like music helped me growing up.

Do you see yourself doing this whole life? When you were young and you wanted to become famous, did you see yourself in this situation? Did you feel you would be successful? I believed I had a special talent, and I had to believe in myself enough to get far, but I didn’t think I would get this far. I’m very grateful.

For those who do not know … what part do you do from the music? Composing the melodic line, writing lyrics, mastering … what do you actually do to a song until you get it in the final version? I will start with simple musical chords, write my lyrics and melody over it, send it to my producer and then he would send it back to me with his musical touch and then we work on it together until it is finished . I mix and master the vocals and sometimes the production. For e.g I mixed and mastered all of “Habibi Albi”. I write all my songs.

How do you feel the world who sees you, who listens to your music? I get a lot of people say

you are different than other celebrities, you are not snobby, you give people the time of day and you’re a very simple guy.

And that’s because I treat people with respect as long as they do the same for me in return. It wasn’t easy getting to where I am today, so I never take my fans for granted.

How do you feel when you are in front of them? It depends where I am, if my fans see me on the street, I’m usually nervous but very open to taking a photo and giving them a hug, if I’m on stage, I feel like a king at what I do.

What is your greatest desire right now, whether we are talking about artistic or personal life? What do you want the most from life now? I just want to enjoy every moment and look at my success and really take it in. I still love creating music and videos and making my vision come to life. The feeling I get before a release, is one of the best feelings in the world. It’s thrilling.

We do not have much more and we pass in 2019 … which is the greatest desire for 2019 or perhaps you have prefigured some plans … what can you say in this regard? Bigger and better, would also love to dive into movies and start my own clothing brand.

What do you send them to those who follows Famost and your fans? I want to thank my fans and all the supporters of Famost for being so open to me and allowing me to share my truth, through my music. I love you so much.

Interview Tara Holtea stylist Faydee for video clip Away

Although I have known Faydee for a very long time, probably for 3 years, it’s the first time I’ve worked with him – myself as a stylist, being the artist I’ve been dressing for. For this video we chose 2 outfits. I’ve been very much advised to Faydee over them, because I wanted to represent him. The jacket he’s just wearing and in the interview after filming the video is manual, it’s a specific type of embroidery; is done by a girlfriend, more specifically Natelier de productie. Manually make these stitches on denim jackets. For this special jacket, one worked for 2 months. It is unique and the price is very high, it is very expensive, but I do not have to say how much. In the lights chosen by the director, they were very well emphasized and, of course, it put the artist in the spotlight. The second outfit was in the more retro style to show how versatile he is. Of course, Faydee highlighted them on the record and I am very happy with this collaboration.

Author: Daniela Sala

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