Gran Ballo della Venaria Reale a Torino


Gran Ballo della Venaria Reale a Torino

Twenty-one edition of Vienna on the lake ...

Twenty-one edition of Vienna on the lake, was just finished in Turin, in the sparkling scenery of the Reggia di Venaria.

This year, thirty couples made up of thirty debutants and thirty students of the Naval Academy of Livorno, have engaged in various cultural activities, and the preparation of dance and posture in the eight days prior to what is the evening of a lifetime dance of Venaria Reale.

And here Strauss with his wonderful waltz makes every year dream of girls who have come from all over Italy and even some from overseas, thus crowning a dream …

The evening has always had a beneficial and supportive purpose to give voice to the problems of today’s society; this year with the project “red shoes”, worn moreover by all the girls, it is thought to the sensitization against the femicide, today too widespread.

To support the initiative as always Carlo Pignatelli; in the fiftieth year of activity, the teacher has dressed each girl with a different dress, creating ups and downs of laces and organs each one individually made for each novice, to be exploited in the day of their wedding …

Text by: Giovanni Pileggi

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