In Southern Italy the Cantine Statti launch vegan wine

Vegan wine does not contain substances of animal origin in its interior while still maintaining its taste and organoleptic appearance like traditional wine.

History and innovation go hand in hand with Cantine Statti, a historic company from Lamezia Terme (a town in the province of Catanzaro, in the Calabria region) that has its roots in the territory since the 13th century. XVII. From the passion for wine and attention to the environment, Lamezia DOC Statti is now tinged with “green”.
Since its birth, the two lines of the Lamezia DOC have best represented the territory, with characteristics of strong authenticity of the land from which they come: Lamezia Terme. From the vineyard to the cellar all the production processes exclude the use of any substance of animal origin. The quality level is always high, but the intention and the attention in its certification are different: a healthy wine, coming from healthy vines and in balance with the ecosystem and the biodiversity that surrounds them.


Vegan wine does not contain substances of animal origin in its interior while still maintaining its taste and organoleptic appearance like traditional wine. Like all the other wines produced on the farm, vegan wine originates in the countryside, the difference is that the fertilizers for the Lamezia DOC grapes are not made with manure, but completely green, burying the plant residues of the pruning and using the technique of green biodiversity manure naturally present in the vineyard.

In the cellar during processing there are not used adjuvants of animal origin such as: egg albumin, isinglass, gelatin, caseinate, but simply bentonite, a mineral of clayey origin with the characteristic of absorbing suspended particles and depositing them.

The commitment of the Cantine Statti is to cultivate the vineyards in the most natural way possible, in order to obtain genuine, typical wines linked to the territory. Vegan wine is a wine for everyone, both for the omnivorous and vegetarian diet, it is as good as all the others and there are no organoleptic differences.

Company profile

The current ownership belongs to the brothers Alberto and Antonio Statti. The family cultivates more than 500 hectares of land and produces excellent quality oil, wine and milk (with more than 300 cows). The extra virgin olive oil, produced and packaged in the company, is distributed in Italy and abroad as well as wines, with Calabrian and international native vines, while high quality milk is delivered to a local milk plant affiliated to Granarolo Group. The activity therefore ranges from olive growing to viticulture, from citrus cultivation to animal husbandry and, thanks to biogas, also to agro-energy. The particular attention to the environment through the use of avant-garde renewable energies, unique in our region, makes all the products Statti GREEN and ECO-SUSTAINABLE. Special features: the Statti winery is among the few Italian companies, and not only, to have the trigeneration plant: ie it has installed co-generators that use hot air from the biogas plant to produce cold water which is then used to maintain the refining temperatures of steel wines, with important, but above all sustainable, energy savings.

Signed: A. Raffaele