Le Dangerouge Spring Summer Collection 2017


Le Dangerouge Spring Summer Collection 2017


Summer is back, as well as the love for fancy colors and the pop style, thanks to Le Dangerouge new Spring/Summer Collection 2017. The city becomes the glamour desert perfect to wear these shoes, presented in many different colors: gold, purple, silver, black or laminated, according to the personality of everyone.


Le Dangerouge new collection is able to satisfy all kinds of women: bon ton, chic, rock, sporty. Many different new models, all made with high quality materials, as suede, veal and laminated leather, for a captivating LOOK.
The strong iconic element is the chain, the distinctive feature of the brand, proposed in gold and silver.

Le-Dangerouge-Spring-Summer-Collection-2017-06 Le-Dangerouge-Spring-Summer-Collection-2017-05 Le-Dangerouge-Spring-Summer-Collection-2017-04 Le-Dangerouge-Spring-Summer-Collection-2017-03 Le-Dangerouge-Spring-Summer-Collection-2017-02 Le-Dangerouge-Spring-Summer-Collection-2017-01

This collection, 100% Made in Italy, combines functionality, practicality and design.

Many celebrities have chosen to wear Le Dangerouge shoes, such as Irina Shayk and Nina Zilla.

Article: Andreeea Raffaelli/ Info&photo: Le Dangerouge

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