Modaprima 2016 Florence 20-22 May


Modaprima 2016 Florence 20-22 May


20-22 May in Florence, was held the 80th edition dedicated Modaprima ready-to-wear clothing and accessories for men and women for spring-summer season 2017 with a focus on fall-winter 2016-2017.

Modaprima brought on stage over 100 international collections in a dynamic global market and in constant evolution, belonging to over 60 companies. She reinforces the new section dedicated to accessories. This edition focuses on buyers from Russia, South Korea, the Netherlands, Taiwan, Japan, Norway, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Hong Kong, Germany and USA.

imagini-modaprima-florenta mai-2016-modaprima Modaprima-mai-20-22

Among the brands present at Mondaprima 2016 mention MariadeleMilano – founded by brothers Carlotta and Riccardo Gasparrini and they have premiered a handbag Tie Back canvas, characterized by bolts of leather shaped tie that needed turning backpack.

Made in Positano is Antica Sartoria By Giacomo Cinque proposes a completely feminine look, and clothing for men and children inspired by vacations and sea; the article for women is the best selling garment as cotton and lace.

Greece: brand Celdes comes with a sneaker with a colorful design that draws the eye by a strong marine pesisaje inspiration.


Info&Photo: The Italian

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