Moneta Clothing makes its debut at Pitti Uomo 95


Moneta Clothing makes its debut at Pitti Uomo 95

Peacoat by Moneta Clothing is a collection of men's and women's jackets.

At Pitti Uomo 95 debuts Moneta Clothing, a young brand made in Italy that chooses the Florentine kermesse to launch its collection entirely made of Casentino wool. Peacoat by Moneta Clothing is a collection of men’s and women’s jackets, proposed in 9 fascinating colors, with a modern cut and contemporary colors, designed and produced with an antique fabric.

The starting point of the project is the desire of Antonio Moneta to reinterpret the head peacoat with valuable materials (wool Casentino of Stia), a contemporary design and a daring use of color and color contrast. The color in fact for Moneta is synonymous with courage and determination, that courage with which you face the uncertainty of life thanks to an inner light,

an awareness that is expressed by the color in our head, and the contrasts of color that become a stretch characteristic of our collection.

A motorcycle trip in a Tuscany that mixes ancient myths and gentle landscape conquers Antonio Moneta. A Tuscany where hills, woods and vineyards give nuances of colors that change, according to the seasons, creating harmony and unexpected contrasts, but never violent, and are sources of inspiration for everyday life: black, powder blue, royal blue, green flag (only man) periwinkle, rose (woman only) cherry red, coral, ocher yellow, wool white. With the cultivated use of Casentino wool, softened by skilful workmanship, today is born an urban chic clothing item that from the countryside conquers metropolitan cities attentive to fashions and traditions of “know how”.

Article by The Italian Gentleman

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