Renato Balestra “Io sono l’Alta Moda”


Renato Balestra “Io sono l’Alta Moda”


Io sono l’Alta Moda” (I am the High Fashion) – these words of couturier¬†Renato Balestra was released¬†during the presentation press conference of the Autumn Winter 2017-2018 collection. How to give it wrong! Altaroma’s Calendar does not have any other High Fashion representative except for Antonio Grimaldi, who, however, prefers to parade in Paris by including only the inauguration of his Atelier in a calendar of events. The latter in an interview claims to be linked to Rome and to take inspiration from it, but in practice abandons and parades in Paris …¬†“dirty cloths are washed in the house.”

moda-2017-moda-2018-Renato-Balestra moda-femei-toamna-iarna-2017-2018-Renato-Balestra

Renato Balestra is the only one to really believe in Rome and its potential. It is no accident his decision to take out the collection inside his Atelier, via Cola di Rienzo, instead of Via Guido Reni, headquarter of the event. Renato Balestra says,

“Experiments must be one-off and do not become a habit, and it may be nice to let it disappear between rubbish and abandoned scenarios, but High Fashion should prefer places where it was born. In Paris, the Maisons parade in refined and elegant environments , Luxury hotels, palaces and Atelier to choose more? “.

tendinte-2017-tendinte-2018-Renato-Balestra tendinte-femei-toamna-iarna-2017-2018-Renato-Balestra

The Autumn Winter 2017-18 collection by Renato Balestra is titled “Princess Collection” because it wants to make princesses feel like all women wearing it. An elegance that is expressed in the essential and harmonious cuts where black is protagonist with its transparencies and sometimes tones of yellow touches that give strength and solarity.

tendinte-vestimentare-femei-toamna-iarna-2017-2018-Renato-Balestra toamna-iarna-2017-2018-Renato-Balestra

Newly the melancholy color for soft satin dresses enriched with details and precious embroidery. The hood made of layers of black tulle is imposing and majestic. The military jacket features upholstered inlays. The new serpent decoration enriches the clothes and makes them soft and enveloping. Her bride Renato Balestra defines her as a “puff, a cloud”, in fact she is light with her tulle slopes over a waterfall.

Info&photos: A. Raffaelli

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