Sandals and bijoux A’Biddikkia summer 2016


Sandals and bijoux A’Biddikkia summer 2016


It’s sea time, vacation and it’s perfect to pack the accessories to always be glam and stylish. With A ‘Biddikkia summer turns … of the sea, the sun for a look full Panarea style to wear at any time of day until late evening. Small pieces essential but characterized by stylish details.

Sandals-and-bijoux-A'Biddikkia-summer-2016-sandal Sandals-and-bijoux-A'Biddikkia-summer-2016-sandal-1 Sandals-and-bijoux-A'Biddikkia-summer-2016-sandals-1

The sandals become precious accessories thanks to the crystals that embellish polyps, sea urchins and the Sicilian trinacria. Sandals meant for bold women, independent and strong, women who do not let themselves be influenced by personal bias and do not undergo standards of beauty imposed.

bijoux-A'Biddikkia-summer-2016-006 bijoux-A'Biddikkia-summer-2016-005 bijoux-A'Biddikkia-summer-2016-004 bijoux-A'Biddikkia-summer-2016-003 bijoux-A'Biddikkia-summer-2016-002 bijoux-A'Biddikkia-summer-2016-001

Lemons, prickly pears, corals, shells glimpsed among amazing creatures such as snakes, butterflies, spiders that animate the precious jewels of A’Biddikkia. Jewels that tell a story and an island that evoke emotions: whether out of curiosity or wonder. Bracelets, necklaces, earrings in the collections of A ‘Biddikkia where attention to detail, high quality materials and great originality of design makes it his personal jewelry and great luxury.

bijoux-A'Biddikkia-summer-2016-012 bijoux-A'Biddikkia-summer-2016-011 bijoux-A'Biddikkia-summer-2016-010 bijoux-A'Biddikkia-summer-2016-009 bijoux-A'Biddikkia-summer-2016-008 bijoux-A'Biddikkia-summer-2016-007

Summer 2016 sparkling and trendy in the unmistakable style A ‘Biddikkia.

Article & Photo: Antonio Raffaelli

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