The Altieri Academy parade in Alltaroma in July 2017


The Altieri Academy parade in Alltaroma in July 2017


The future is young” is the basis for the final work of the III year students of the Accademia Altieri Moda e Arte who arrived at the end of their course, presenting, during AltaRoma, a series of clothes inspired by the seventies and eighties.

“We can only be extremely proud of these kids whose education and growth are at the center of our project”

said Giada Mucci, director of the prestigious academy.

Altieri-Academy-parade-Alltaroma-July-2017-1 Altieri-Academy-parade-Alltaroma-July-2017-2
Under the attentive and professional LOOK of a jury presided over by young and virtuous fashion designers Vittorio Camaiani and Azzurra Gronchi, they took the creations of thirteen students. The “Fashion Award Altieri” was assigned to Priscilla Ionta. The event was presented by the stylish Valeria Oppenheimer, known from Rai Uno, as well as author and sender of the fashion show “Top-Everything Trend”.

Altieri-Academy-parade-Alltaroma-July-2017-3 Altieri-Academy-parade-Alltaroma-July-2017-4

Far from fantasy and desire to create. For mini-collections, the students have spent time searching for different materials, demonstrating that they have acquired a great autonomy in modeling and sartorial design, thanks to their research. Neoprene, vinyl ecopelle, cady, mikado, woolen cloth and jeans are fabrics to make clothes that alternate geometric shapes with essential lines. Edge geometries sometimes create unpublished volumes and sculptural forms. Playing shapes so, but also playing chromatic contrasts that recall the post-Woodstock decade. Nature-inspired nuances are predominant: gold-amber, brown-beige brown.

Altieri-Academy-parade-Alltaroma-July-2017-5 Altieri-Academy-parade-Alltaroma-July-2017-6

Hand embroidery and fur applications are the thread of collections on the Guido Reni District walkway. From the total white of the first year to the total black of the second year, the students of the Altieri Academy will experience the emotion of parade during AltaRoma AltaModa, which has become the launch platform for emerging designers and thriller center of Italian high fashion.
We thank the Wally 1925 perfume company for its precious support.

Info@photos: A. Raffaelli

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