The Italian Gentleman-Il blog del Marchese


The Italian Gentleman-Il blog del Marchese


Avem placerea in aceasta editie a revistei noastre, sa va prezentam un invitat special din Florenta – Italia, fashion icon, un foarte cunoscut blogger de moda pentru barbati si anume M. Antonio Raffaelli.
Cunoscut ca il Marchese, el detine blogul The Italian Gentleman –, este prezent la multe evenimente fashion, petreceri private, prezinta emisiunea de moda pentru barbati TOP pe cunoscutul canal TV Rai Uno.

Despre el, despre subiectele pe care le abordeaza pe blog, despre moda, pasiuni si multe alte lucruri interesante, il marchese ne vorbeste intr-un frumos interviu, in care sinceritatea si placerea de a face lucruri frumoase, se regasesc in orice raspuns. Va invitam asadar, sa patrundeti in lumea modei italiene, a culturii si a pasiunii pentru frumos, prin intermediul acestui interesant dialog!

Hello Marchese and welcome to Famost Magazine! First of all, tell us something about you.
Hello and thanks for the space and attention given to me and to my blog.

Where are you from? What’s your educational background? What are your general professional and non-professional interests?
I live in Florence but I am originally from Calabria, a region of southern Italy. I arrived in town for law’s university and I remained here because Florence is artistically amazing. Sometimes, I miss the sea, the light and the colors of my South, but Florence is a great location, it is a central town, where getting around is really easy.

Where from comes your passion for fashion? Were you educated or it was Self-taught work?
Fashion and passion for style have always been part of my life, but I didn’t think I’d make it a job. I remember when I was a child I loved drawing and giving a look to fashion catalogues and magazines that my mother purchased. I was attracted by the colors and combinations. I’ve always been attracted by “beauty”, and I consider fashion like a part of all the beauty that surrounds the life of human beings. I learned everything by myself, including my first blog, I made it following online tutorials. I had no idea how the fashion world was working.

What does fashion mean to you?
For me, there is not “fashion” but the “fashions“. Everyone chooses the fashion that feels closer to her heart and personality. Needless to follow a fashion that does not reflect who we are inside. I often say “you don’t need to dress like a gentleman if you’re not in your soul”. You appear disguised and not dressed.


How started? What was the reasons to do this step?
I started being a blogger for fun, sharing photos of events I was attending. I liked the idea of making people learning about the beautiful palaces and places of Florence. At the beginning I did not share my outfit photographs. This was the next step I took when I realized that people were interested to see how I was dressed and they wrote me some emails asking for advices about clothing. This is the most rewarding part of this job.

You already saw as a fashion icon and this is totally justified. What do you think are the secrets for your success?
There is no real secret. In my blog, I talk about myself, my passions and the things I like. My blog is my personal journal. I do not write only about fashion, I also talk about art, luxury, bon-ton, culture from a men point of view, themes related to the great tradition of Italian tailoring and bespoke. I offer some style advices showing at the same time I present some different occasions where you could wear these particular dress codes.

What are favorite pieces from your wardrobe?
I love shirts, I own a lot. A gentleman is recognized basically by a well ironed shirt.


Tell us some of your favorite clothing stores/catalogs/websites.
It may sound strange for a blogger…but I don’t buy often online, when it happens I prefer buying only accessories. For clothing I like touching the fabrics, their hand feel. Choosing a garment with a good fabric is essential. It’s better buying one good dress and not four poor quality dress. I have some brands I’ve been wearing for a long time. For ties I choose Calabrese 1924 and Silvio Fiorello; for hats Barbisio; for sportswear Harmont & Blaine and Bomboogie; for pants and Jeans Shaf Jeans and Entre Amis; for jackets Andrea Neri.

How do you see the perfect outfit for men?
There is no perfect outfit. Before you wear something you need to get in front of the mirror and you have to give a very good look to yourself. A perfect outfit will be the one you’ll feel yours, you’ll feel comfortable in. The style is the expression of your inner world. To be a gentleman you don’t need to dress in a suit of a famous brand or tailoring. Being a Gentleman is the attitude of one’s being.

How would you define your personal style?
I am not a dandy but “a subtly refined“. I can seem deceptively distracted but I am caring of all details even the smallest ones.


What do you think about trends? You follow them or does not matter for your personal style?
Style is personal attitude … the trends are for everyone. I can follow a trend but it will always be rediting with my lifestyle. I take the trend and I rework that to make it look like me.

Among the fashion trends of 2016, which represents you?
This coming winter marks the return of a great classic of the male wardrobe: the coat. I really like wearing a coat because you “sheets“, you can be stylish with this garment without adding more.

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