Interview Sonja Andersson

we invite you to learn from Sonja Andresson through an open, relaxed interview with many interesting and useful things.

Fashion is one of the most beautiful things in life and once you enter this magical world, there is no way back. What happens when you are born in a family with a tradition in fashion?
Invited to this edition of Famost Magazine – Sonja Andersson is the third generation of fashion designers in the family, and her passion for fashion is infinite. This is reflected both in fashion creations and in the activities adjacent to their fashion. Beginning this year, Sonja kicks off the first edition of Scandinavian International Fashion Week, where the main purpose is to help young designers make their appearance in the first ranks of the fashion industry. She is not scared by work, the efforts made or the problems that arise when organizing such a big event, but the ambition and the love for fashion, make her to see things in a optimistic way.

With such people we like to talk and more than that – to present you, to our readers. About fashion, about the organization of Scandinavian International Fashion Week, about her, we invite you to learn from Sonja Andresson through an open, relaxed interview with many interesting and useful things.

Hello Sonja and welcome in our magazine. Tell us about yourself! Where are you from? What are your general professional and non professional interests?
I am a fashion designer born in Angola. At the age of 8 years, I moved to Sweden with my parents who worked at Angolas embassy in Stockholm. So Sweden is my country as well. I’m a single mother of 2 adult sons at the each 25 and 27. Have strong personality mixed with compassion. These qualities are important to me, so I can have the balance I need in my life. I believe that everything is about balance.

What does fashion mean to you?
My general profession interest is fashion and the law. Beside that, I love to exercise; always start my day by visiting the gym early in the morning. Usually, I’m the first person at the gym. It´s the best way to start a day and it´s a precious moment when I take care of me – physically and mentally.

Where the passion for fashion comes from for Sonja Andersson?
Fashion is an important part of my life. My mother is a fashion designer – I grew up by having the teacher 24 hours around me. When I was I little girl, I used to sit beside my mother and dreamed about become a fashion designer; this profession has been in my family for 3 generations. When I create, I feel that I create something immortal; that’s what fashion means for me – ”immortality”.

You are a fashion designer, too. How this started and what was the first article of clothing you ever designed?
I don´t even remember when it started; sometimes I think that it´s in my DNA. But I do remember the first outfit I made; it was a skirt and a blouse to myself. I was 12 years old and my mother asked me if I needed help and I answered that I would do it by myself. At the some time I heard a voice in my head that said ”you are a daughter of a fashion designer, you have seen how to make this so many times, you can do it.” I also wanted to prove who I am and what I am capable to do.

What matters to Sonja Andersson most as a fashion designer?
What matters to me most is to create artistic garments embossed with style and class. Garments that attracts people’s attention. As a designer, a creation give the women confidence and bring out their strong personalities. Confidence class and style is my foundation mixed with a little madness … the perfect mix.

What’s your favorite part about conceptualizing a design?
My favorit part about conceptualization is after I have the idea, the moment when you transfer the idea from paper to fabric. When the fantasy is about to meet the reality. When you see the fabric become something extraordinary. That’s magic!

How Sonja Andersson prepares for a fashion shoot or show and what are the most important things for you?
First, I decide the theme of the shooting, make up my vision and introduce the vision to my photographers. Even if I already have my vision clear, I always want to hear from my team what they think, because I believe that when people work together as a team, you must listen to your team and make a final decision. Only when you discover that all shortcomings are covered, you can delivery good results. No matter if we are talking about shooting or a show, quality and professionalism are important factors.

Do you have some favorite internationals designers?
My favorit designer is Stephane Rolland, I admire all his work.

You are the founder of Scandinavian International Fashion Week. What is the motivation for organizing this event?
The motivation is my love for fashion and I also see here the opportunity to help younger designers. I believe that everyone need some guide after their graduation and sometimes even before. Young designers need somewhere to start, and I hope to be able to offer the opportunity for them by winning once a year a place without charge on SIF’s platform. That motivates me, at times you only need one chance or one opportunity.

What are your expectations from SIFW? What are real goals?
I hope to create here a strong Platform that will build more bridges in fashion industry with different countries through designers. To offer more choice to Scandinavian fashion industry as well as show the world our Scandinavian designers.
The goals are many, but some of these may be easier to achieve than others. All goals are real from the moment you believe in them, what define real goals is time. So time is the key word when we talk about goals.

The event will take place at Stockholm City Hall! For people who don’t know much about this place, what can you tell us?


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Photos by Tommy Lindblom, Ricardo Lourenço, Arseny Selov